4th Executive committee
Date Event
April 18, 2015 Committee started
April 25, 2015 Nature Observation at Campus
April 26, 2015 Fresher’s Reception
April 28, 2015 General meeting
May 02, 2015 Field Trip to Madhabkunda, Porikunda and Samanbag Tea State
May 04, 2015 “Josnajapon” at Campus
May 09, 2015 Nature Observation at Tarapur Tea State
May 23, 2015 Green SUST Campaign-1
June 05, 2015 Celebrating ‘World Environment Day’ with Bhumisontan & BAPA at Chowhatta, Sylhet
June 08, 2015 Celebrating Ocean Day by attending on ‘Marine Conservation and Blue Economy Symposium’ organized by Save Our Sea in Dhaka
June 13, 2015 Adventure trip at Lovachara
June 16, 2015 Set up a stall at a conference on ‘Regional Dissemination Workshop on The Process and Outputs of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and Science Conference’ organized by Dept. of FES, SUST with IUCN
June 25, 2015 Iftar Mahfil
August 06, 2015 Study Circle on E-waste & General meeting
August 17, 2015 Nature Awareness Art Exhibition
August 21, 2015 Workshop on ‘Basic Technique of Recycling’
August 26, 2015 Green SUST Campaign-2
September 12, 2015 Attending a national movement to clean and create awareness at Sylhet titled by ‘Deshtake Porishkar Kori’ organized by ‘Poribartan Chai’
October 25-31, 2015 Cleaning campaign at Ratargul Swamp Forest with BAPA, Bhumisontan, Pradhikar, Chowgram Chhatrakollyan Parishod and Sabuj Biplob Somiti, Ratargul
November 5, 2015 Seminar on ‘Conservation Practice in Bangladesh’ with Bangladesh Python Project and CARINAM
November 25, 2015 Adventure trip to Rashmela at Kamalgonj, Moulvibazar
November 28, 2015 Attending a road march titled ‘Climate March’15’ with various social and environmental organization of Sylhet organized by Transparency International Bangladesh, Sylhet.
November 28, 2015 Study Circle on ‘Farakka dam, Tipaimukh dam and Tista barrage and their significant effects on Bangladesh’
November 28, 2015 G-studio Basic Videography session-1
November 30, 2015 Green SUST Campaign-3
December 6-15, 2015 Recycled Products Exhibition
December 8, 2015 T-shirt launch
December 16, 2015 National Victory Day Celebration
December 24, 2015 Study Circle on ‘Nuclear Energy in Bangladesh’
December 24, 2015 G-studio Basic Videography session-2
December 26, 2015 Nature Awareness Road Painting on SUST Campus
December 27-30, 2015 Name Tagging of Trees of SUST Campus
January 9, 2016 Radiation Impacts on Nature & Environment
January 9, 2016 G-studio Basic Videography session-3
January 10, 2016 BBQ & Campfire with Green Explore Society
January 11, 2016 4th Year Celebration of Green Explore Society
February 4, 2016 General meeting
February 16-26, 2016 Green Festival
March 10, 2016 Fresher Reception and Fanush Festival
March 26, 2016 Independence Day Celebration
May 7, 2016 Nature Observation at Campus
June 8, 2016 Sehri with Green Explore Society
October 21, 2016 Field Trip to Madhabkunda, Porikunda and Samanbag Tea State
November 6, 2016 Publication of a Scientific Report on “Biodiversity of SUST”
3rd Executive Committee
Date Event
17.03.14 3rd committee declaration
26.03.14 observed Independence Day
12.04.14 Participated in the human chain for the Conservation of Ratargul Fresh water Swamp Forest
24.04.14 Celebrated the Annual Save the Frog Day
11.05.14 Organizing Week
12.05.14 T-shirt launching
14.05.14 Green SUST Campaign
29.05.14 Study Circle
03.06.14 Fresher’s Reception and General Meeting
18.06.14 Participate in Workshop on Wildlife Photography and Herpetofauna Research
26.06.14 রাতারগুলে অপরিকল্পিত কর্মকান্ড বন্ধের দাবিতে বনমন্ত্রী বরাবর গণআবেদন
8.07.14 ইফতার মাহফিল
8.07.14 রাতারগুল বন রক্ষায় ” গণ ইমেইলের” কর্মসূচি
24.08.14 Published documentary -‘SUNDARBANS – Story of Survival’
8.09.14 Nocturnal Survey in SUST Campus
25.09.14 School campaign in Border Guard Bangladesh Public School & College, Sylhet.
16.12.14 Celebrated Victory Day
11.01.15 3rd Anniversary of GES
21.02.15 আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস উৎযাপন
28.02.15 Nature Observation
6.03.15 Study Circle on Butterfly
18.03.15 Rescued monkey from Gazi Kalur Mazar
5.04.15 Green Festival 2015
10.04.15 Rescued pole cat from SUST Campus
18.04.15 Workshop on Basic Videography and Nature documentation
18.04.15 Declared 4th Executive Committee


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